CBD Honey Sticks

10 mg each stick

CBD 10 mg Honey Sticks

New World CBD 100% All Natural Honey Sticks provide a delicious convenient way to get your CBD on the go. This sweet treat can be eaten directly or put into a hot tea. Each all natural honey stick is infused with 10mg of pure natural CBD. Our skilled team of formulation experts utilizes a state of the art ethanol extraction process to deliver some of the highest potency CBD on the market.

New World CBD 100% All Natural Honey Sticks help to keep your body in balance by stimulating the Endocannabinoid system; a complex network of cannabis-like chemicals and receptors found throughout your brain, central nervous system and immune system. It regulates everything from sleep, appetite, mood, pain and inflammation, allowing you to maintain an internal balance despite the ups and downs of life.

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Honey Sticks

5 grams in each 6.5 in biodegradable straw

10 pack – $19.95

100 pack – $199.95

Honey Sticks

5 grams in each 6.5 in biodegradable straw

10 pack – $19.95

100 pack – $199.95

Supplemental Facts per Stick: 

CBD: – 10mg
Calories: – 15
Total Fat: 0g – 0% dv
Sodium: 0mg – 0% dv
Total Carbs: 5g – 2% dv
Sugar: – 5g
Protein: – 0g


– Broad Spectrum Ethanol Extraction and Short Path Technology
– CBD derived from all natural industrial hemp sourced from Dundee, OR
– Naturally flavored with plant terpenes
– Honey sourced from local farms in the Willamette Valley Oregon
– Vegetarian, Non-GMO Hemp Oil, Soy-Free
– Deliciously Formulated to Promote Overall Wellness


Enjoy the great taste of honey directly or add to a cup of tea

A Few Words From Our Customers!

“I have migraines about three to four times a week. Which was really bringing me down as I could do not function well. I have been on this oil for a week and a half and have not had a single migraine since then. This has help me tremendously. Thank you.”

  Jason G.

“I take them three times a day instead of of some pretty heavy medications. I was on 19 when i began using a heavy dose of cbd around the clock for 3 months. I am currently only taking this cbd product as well as two others and only 3 medications. My doctors actually now support the use and are pretty happy with my improvement after a small period of opiate dependence.” Janice K.

“with 6 months of back pain where it was very painful just getting out of bed I got great relief within days of starting this hemp oil…it is not a pain pill where it will work immediately but takes a few days to kick in…pain free for 90 days so far”

  Lenny S.

“I cannot believe I’ve found something safe and easy to use that actually works this well. I bought salve for my lower back after having it recommended to me. Three fusion surgeries have left it sore almost constantly. Not only does it help there, it also helps with the pain in my knee and ankle (I’m a mess, orthopedically). You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try it!” Dennis M.

“This is absolutely wonderful i vape it every day and it not only reduces my pain levels but also helps me relieve stress throughout the day!”

Paul D.

“Hands-down this is been the best product that I have ever used in my life regarding pain. I suffer from pain from lupus and fibromyalgia and nothing appeared to work. I across your company on Facebook and been a customer ever since. I highly recommend this product to anyone who experience excruciating pain that other medications doesn’t seem to work anymore.”

  Karen P.

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